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Hive Digital is a leading provider of professional and high quality digital marketing services and products for clientele that provide positive value for their customers and website visitors. Hive Digital utilizes empirically proven and effective digital marketing techniques to help these clients identify and achieve greater exposure online through search marketing, paid advertising and social media.  Hive Digital strives to provide the highest quality consultation, implementation, management, and support services and products for paid advertising, organic search, and social media marketing strategies.

Hive Digital has been a part of the web marketing industry since the late 1990′s. Focused specifically on digital marketing optimization in its early years, Hive Digital Marketing earned a reputation of “zero to one million”, empowering numerous companies to grow to a million in sales. Hive Digital Marketing’s expansion into the remainder of online marketing has been similarly fruitful, creating the “rent-to-own” strategy for building and sustaining traffic and qualified leads for any web site or business.

Hive Digital continuously works closely with every client to develop and execute their marketing programs with interactive white-glove service and a dedicated account manager for every client. Hive Digital’s commitment to excellence enables us to deliver top tier results that will bring a higher return on investment to any web project.  Our innovative culture allows us to keep pace with the search engines, paid advertising outlets, and social media channels, so our clients never feel behind the curve!

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101 J. Morris Commons Ln.
Suite 105
Morrisville, NC 27560

Main: 919-459-1088
Toll Free: 1-800-650-0820
Fax: 919-747-4362

Office Hours: Mon-Fri: 9AM to 5PM EST.

Our services are developed via a performance driven culture that seeks continuous improvement in a constantly evolving industry through research, innovation, and experience.  Our constant focus on promoting effective, ethical and socially responsible strategies allows Hive Digital to continue shaping and leading the search marketing industry.

Jeff Staub, CEO

Hive Digital – Since 1998

  • September, Hive Digital shortlisted by US Search Awards for Innovative SEO Campaign
  • July, Angular rebrands as Hive Digital, Inc.
  • April, Angular recognized as one of the top 15 SEO firms in the US by
  • April, Jeff Staub named CEO of Angular
  • April, Angular provides SEO Bootcamp Training Course for ASPE-ROI
  • May, Angular launches Server Health Hub for server and application uptime monitoring
  • December, Search Engine Journal interviews Jake Bohall – “Removing Backlinks That Lead to Negative SEO
  • November, Virante’s Russ Jones interviewed by Search Engine Journal “Avoiding Penalties from Google’s Penguin Update
  • November, Virante is awarded Best in Search by TopSEOs
  • November, ContentRunner incorporates nTopic into their content platform
  • November, Virante launches to measure Google+ authority
  • October, Virante article featured on Moz Blog – “It’s Penguin-Hunting Season: How to be the predator and not the prey
  • September, Virante provides Keynote presentation at the SEO Clarity Conference
  • September, Virante is Shortlisted for Innovation by the US Search Awards for
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  • September, Virante article featured on Moz Blog – “Solving the Sub-Domain Equation: Predicting traffic and value when merging sub-domains
  • October, Virante launches, a tool that determines vulnerability to Google’s Penguin update.  Predictions prove to be over 90% accurate following update in November.
  • July, Virante conducts a Training Program alongside the Search Exchange conference in Charlotte, NC
  • July, Virante articles featured on Moz Blog – “The Right Keyword Data for the Right Job
  • July, CEO Malcolm Young receives Patriotic Employer Award by US Defense Department on behalf of Virante
  • June, Virante provides a local marketing course for Healthcare Professionals
  • May, Virante wins an award from the Department of Defense for our outstanding support of the National Guard and Reserves.
  • May, Virante launches the Open Penguin Data Project for trend analysis of Google’s Penguin Algorithm Filter
  • April, Virante staff participates in a Zombie Mud Run… good times
  • March, Virante wins the 2013 Compass Award from the TMSA
  • March, Virante helps coordinate the Digital Marketing for Business conference in Raleigh, NC
  • February, Virante staff volunteers at the Conservators’ Center to build cages for lions and tigers!
  • January, Virante launches to propose a solution to author attribution of content on the web.
  • December, Virante’s “Broken Link Building Bible” featured on Moz Blog.
  • October, Virante launches, a tool to improve content relevancy using Latent Dirichlet Allocation
  • September, Virante helps host the Food Bank Telethon
  • September, Virante begins efforts on to develop a tool to measure author authority
  • July, Virante article featured on Moz Blog – “To Catch a Spammer: Uncovering negative SEO
  • Virante employees speak at several known conferences, including Pubcon, Distilled, Kauffman, TMSA, Search Exchange, SES, and SMX
  • Virante runs largest correlation study on Google’s algorithm and presents findings at the IBM Neteeza conference in Boston
  • May, Virante launches Remove’em, a public tool to assist with link removal efforts in the wake of Google’s Penguin updateremoveem600x202gradient1
  • February, Virante expands office space to include an additional 2,000 sqft unit
  • November, Virante article featured on Moz Blog – “Set It and Forget It SEO: Chasing the elusive passive SEO dream
  • August, Virante employees start indoor soccer team!
  • June, Virante employee receives beta invite for Google+
  • June, Virante article featured on Mon Blog – “The Wikipedia Model
  • Virante performs a major rebranding, creating a new logo and website, emphasizing upcoming tool development and training services.
  • Virante begins to offer training services for SEO, traveling to the University of Delaware to conduct a seminar for onsite SEO
  • Virante relocates from Meridian Park in Durham, NC to a 5,000 sqft unit in Town Hall Commons located in Morrisville, NC
  • Virante’s R&D efforts begin to produce tools offered for Free on the website
  • April, Virante launches a free Captcha service to help prevent spam across the web.
  • Virante places over 100 campaigns on the front page of Digg for a single client!
  • September, Virante launches to encourage search engines to respect privacy wishes of users.
  • January, Virante launches as a tool to help prevent link spam on the web.
  • January, Virante CTO Russ Jones launches, a blog focused on search engine optimization.
  • Virante begins providing Adwords management services as part of the Google Advertising Professional (GAP) program
  • Virante begins providing Google Analytics management services
  • Virante begins providing Viral Marketing services, leveraging sites like Digg and Reddit to drive traffic to customer sites
  • Virante’s offices move from Chapel Hill, NC to Meridian Park, a business park in Durham, NC
  • December, Virante creates a joint venture with Preation, and begins to market IntelliContact Pro software, later known as iContact and acquired by Vocus in 2012.
  • October, The nutraceuticals client breaks $1,000,000 in sales after 14 months of work.  This inspired the book Zero To One Million, topping the Amazon best seller list.
  • September, Virante officially incorporates as Virante, Inc. in Chapel Hill, North Carolina to do web marketing consulting, and search engine optimization
  • August 14th, Virante is hired by a one-product company in the nutraceuticals industry to perform SEO services… First major client!
  • July 26th, Virante Design and Development is featured in several local newspapers
  • In August, Ryan decides to launch a web design and development company named Virante, in Florida.
  • Virante provides design services through and smarterwork, providing services for companies as far away as Leicester, England.
  • At age 14, Virante Founder, Ryan Allis launches first ecommerce site for customer selling pearls and other jewelry.   Started The Pearl Ezine, and had 5,300 subscribers within 6 months.

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